Garret Moddel
Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

ECEE 148

MSE Areas: Metal/insulator thin film diodes, photovoltaic devices, graphene, low-energy nuclear reaction materials, thin-film deposition, metal/insulator barrier heights, quantum rectification, rectenna solar cells, liquid crystals, amorphous silicon

Garret Moddel is carrying out research in materials and devices for rectenna solar cells. This entails the deposition, nanoscale processing, simulation and electronic and physical characterization of metal/insulator/metal tunneling diodes, and graphene geometric diodes for optical frequency rectification. His laboratory also investigates deuterium gas loading of Pd-infused nanostructures for potential low energy nuclear reactions. Another area of investigation is metal and polymer sub[micron Casimir cavities for zero[point energy extraction. In the past his laboratory developed hydrogenated amorphous silicon and ferroelectric liquid crystal spatial light modulators.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

“Ultrahigh Speed Graphene Diode with Reversible Polarity,” G. Moddel, Z. Zhu, S. Grover, and S. Joshi, Solid State Commun., (2012):

“Engineering the current–voltage characteristics of metal–insulator–metal diodes using
double-insulator tunnel barriers,” S. Grover and G. Moddel, Solid State Electron., 67, 94-99 (2011):

“Origin of excess heat generated during loading Pd[impregnated alumina powder with
deuterium and hydrogen,” O. Dmitriyeva, R. Cantwell, M. McConnell, and G. Moddel,
Thermochimica Acta, 543, 260–266 (2012):