Dmitry Reznik
Associate Professor


MSE Areas: Superconductors, magnetic materials, neutron scattering, lattice dynamics, Raman spectroscopy

The research program of the Reznik group focuses on Fe and Cu-based high temperature supercondcutors, electron-phonon coupling, manganites, unusual magnets, correlated electrons, polarons in photovoltaics and other energy technology materials. The main tools to investigate these materials are neutron, x-ray and Raman scattering. The group was recently awarded a grant from the NFS Material Reseach Instrumentation program to construct a state-of the art time-resolved Raman scattering lab, which is now close to completion.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Extended phonon collapse and the origin of the charge-density-wave in NbSe2, F. Weber, S. Rosenkranz, J.-P. Castellan, R. Osborn, R. Hott, R. Heid, K.-P. Bohnen, T. Egami, A. Said, and D. Reznik, Phys. Rev. Lett., 107, 107403 (2011).

Magnetic blue phase in an itinerant magnet MnSi, A. Hamann, D. Lamago, Th. Wolf, H. von Löhneysen, D. Reznik, Phys. Rev. Lett.,107, 037207 (2011).
Photoemission kinks and phonons in cuprates, D. Reznik, G. Sangiovanni, O. Gunnarsson, and T. P. Devereaux, Nature, 455, E6 (2008).