David Walba

Cristol 158

MSE Areas: Liquid crystals

Professor Walba leads an active group working in the general area of supramolecular stereochemistry. This program focuses on liquid crystal science and technology, with an emphasis on ferroelectric liquid crystals. The work is highly interdisciplinary, and the Walba group is a founding member of the interdisciplinary Liquid Crystal Materials Research Center (LCMRC). The Center is an NSF-sponsored Materials Research Science and Engineering Center headquartered at the University of Colorado and led by Professor Noel A. Clark, in the CU Department of Physics. Current research areas include: Creation of new organic NLO materials that might actually work; Exploration of novel polar LC phases for holographic projector applications; Exploration of the incredible B4 phase, and application to creation of improved bulk heterojunction solar cells.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Hough, L. E.; Jung, H. T.; Krüerke, D.; Heberling, M. S.; Nakata, M.; Jones, C. D.; Chen, D.; Link, D. R.; Zasadzinski, J.; Heppke, G.; Rabe, J. P.; Stocker, W.; Körblova, E.; Walba, D. M.; Glaser, M. A.; Clark, N. A. “Helical nanofilament phases,” Science 2009, 325, (5939), 456-460.

Walba, D. M.; Yang, H.; Keller, P.; Zhu, C.; Shao, R.; Coleman, D. A.; Jones, C. D.; Clark, N. A. “A Main-°©‐ Chain de Vries Smectic Liquid Crystal Polymer Prepared by Hoveyda–Grubbs Catalyst Initiated Acyclic Diene Metathesis Polymerization,” Macromol. Rapid Commun. 2009, 30, 1894-1899. (See MRC frontispiece from this issue on the following page.)

Reddy, R. A.; Zhu, C.; Shao, R.; Korblova, E.; Gong, T.; Shen, Y.; Garcia, E.; Glaser, M. A.; Maclennan, J. E.; Walba, D. M.; Clark, N. A. “Spontaneous Ferroelectric Order in a Bent-Core Smectic Liquid Crystal of Fluid Orthorhombic Layers,” Science 2011, 332, 72-77.