Chunmei Ban
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas: Control of the hierarchical structure of multilength-scale materials, chemical and physical properties of materials, manipulating the interface for energy technologies.

Dr. Ban's current research includes interfacial science and engineering for functional materials used in energy conversion and storage systems; mechanical-electrochemical coupling at electrode-electrolyte interface for a variety of electrochemical systems; design of new materials systems for lithium ion and multivalent ion diffusion in solid lattices for future multivalent energy storage systems; multi-modal and in situ measurements to exploit the complex functionality and process for a more thorough understanding of the mechanisms underlying the electrochemical behaviors. 

Select Publications

  • C. Ban, S. George, "Molecular Layer Deposition for Surface Modification of Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes" , Advanced Materials Interfaces 3, 1600762, (2016)

  • D.P. Finegan, A. Vamvakeros, L. Cao, C. Tan, T. Heenan, S. Daemi, S. Jacques, C. Ban, et. al., "Spatially Resolving Lithiation in Silicon-Graphite Composite Electrodes via in situ High-Energy X-Ray Diffraction Computed Tomography", Rapid-Communication Nano Letters 19 , 6, 3811-20 (2019)

  • S. Son, L. Cao, T. Yoon, A. Cresce, S. Hafner, J. Liu, M. Groner, K. Xu, C. Ban, "Interfacially Induced Cascading Failure in Graphite-Silicon Composite Anodes", Advanced Science 6, 1801007 (2019)

  • S. Son, T. Gao, S. Harvey, K. Steirer, A. Stokes, A. Norman, C. Wang, A. Cresce, K. Xu, C. Ban, "An Artificial Interphase Enables Reversible Magnesium Chemistry in Carbonate Electrolytes", Nature Chemistry 10 (5), 532-39 (2018)

  • K. Wood, K. Steirer, S. Hafner, C. Ban, S. Santhanagopalan, S. Lee, G. Teeter, "Operando X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Solid Electrolyte Interphase Formation and Evolution in Li2S-P2S5 Solid-State Electrolytes", Nature Communications 9 (1), 1-10 (2018)