Chris Bowman
Distinguished Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering


MSE Areas: Polymer chemistry, polymer networks, biomaterials, smart/responsive materials, photopolymerizations, optical materials, photolithography

Our thrust is the investigation of the formation, structure and properties of crosslinked polymeric materials, particularly those formed from photopolymerization reactions. Specifically, we focus on new materials and polymer chemistry approaches for areas including photopolymerized biomaterials, implementation of click reactions in the formation of synthetic oligonucleotides, photolithographic processes, development of smart and responsive polymer networks, and in the development of new approaches to the control of polymer network structure and chemistry. Projects are generally vertically integrated with a focus on each stage in the formation of a polymer with the desired properties – synthesis of new monomers, development and implementation of novel polymerization reactions and approaches, and implementation in photoinitiated processes that facilitate 4D control of the polymer structure and chemistry.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

C.E. Hoyle and C.N. Bowman, “Thiol-Ene Click Chemistry,” Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 49, 1540-1573 (2010). One of the top 5 most cited articles out of > 50,000 in the
“chemistry” topic among those published from 2010 until now.

2011 AIChE Professional Progress Award Announcement

T.A. Scott, A. Schneider, W.D. Cook and C.N. Bowman, “Photoinduced Plasticity in Crosslinked Network,” Science 308, 1615-1617 (2005). Science paper introduced the concept of using addition-fragmentation to enable conversion of polymer networks from elastic to plastic upon light exposure