Assistant Professor
Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering

MSE Areas: Membranes, nanoporous materials, surface coatings, polymeric materials, carbon nanomaterials, superhydrophobicity, transport phenomena.

Our group leverages innovations in materials design to address critical environmental challenges related to sustainable water and energy. Much of our interest lies in developing next generation membrane materials to improve the efficiency of water reuse and desalination. We use polymeric composites, nanoporous materials, and superhydrophobic coatings to tackle the key limitations in membrane separations including selectivity, durability, and energy consumption. We also design electrochemical water treatment systems using carbon-based nanomaterials such as graphene and carbon nanotubes. Beyond materials fabrication, our group conducts laboratory-scale testing and system-scale theoretical simulations to optimize performance for real-world conditions. 

Selected Publications

Lee, J., Straub, A.P., Elimelech, M. "Vapor-gap membranes for highly selective osmotically driven desalination." Journal of Membrane Science 555, 407-417 (2018)

Straub, A.P., Elimelech, M. "Energy Efficiency and Performance Limiting Effects in Thermo-Osmotic Energy Conversion from Low-Grade Heat." Environmental Science & Technology 51, 12925-12931 (2017)

Straub, A.P., Yip, N.Y., Lin, S., Lee, J., Elimelech, M. "Harvesting Low-Grade Heat Energy Using Thermo-Osmotic Vapour Transport Through Nanoporous Membranes." Nature Energy 1, Article Number: 16090 (2016)