Adrienne Blevins in blue jacket in wilderness
Graduate Student • Nanostructured Polymer Lab (Yifu Ding)

Research Interests

My research interests focus on improving polymer properties through unique composite strategies. Currently, my work revolves around photopatterned dual-cure polymers and improvements in toughness, gas barrier, and friction/wear performance. Outside of research, I love baking and cooking, music, and most outdoor activities that get me into the mountains.


  • Achievement Awards for College Scientists (ARCS, 2019 - 2021)

  • Soft Materials GAANN (2019-2021)

Selected Publications

  • Blevins, A., Cox, L., Hu, L., Drisko, J., Lin, H., Bowman, C., Killgore, J., Ding, Y. Spatially Controlled Permeability and Stiffness in Photopatterned Two Stage Reactive Polymer Films for Enhanced CO2 Barrier and Mechanical Toughness. Macromolecules. 2020.
  • Cox, L., Blevins, A., Drisko, J., Qi, Y., Ding, Y., Fiedler-Higgins, C., Long, R., Bowman, C., Killgore, J. Tunable Mechanical Anisotropy, Crack Guiding, and Toughness Enhancement in Two-Stage Reactive Polymer Networks. Advanced Engineering Materials. 2019
  • Martinez, J., Aghajani, M., Lu, Y., Blevins, A., Fan, S., Killgore, J., Berti, S., Patel, J., Carbrello, C., Foley, S., Sylvia, R., Long, R., Castro, R., Ding, Y. Membrane Bonding by Capillary Filling with Viscous Polymers: Infiltration Kinetics and Bonding Strength. In Preparation.