Vision Statement

The Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Program of the University of Colorado Boulder (UCB) is organized to enhance research and education in materials science and engineering by aspiring to:

  • Serve as a campus-wide resource for materials research and education activities, bringing together faculty from across the UCB campus to leverage expertise and facilities, promoting impactful research in materials science and engineering and enhancing Departmental materials research efforts as well as materials-related efforts that are a part of current campus initiatives and programs such as space science/aerospace engineering, energy systems, renewable and sustainable energy, biotechnology, biomedicine and geosciences;
  • Create a vibrant materials science research and engineering program that is both highly visible within the UCB community and internationally recognized;
  • Recruit, train and graduate outstanding doctoral students with degrees in both MSE and the various disciplinary UCB Departments pursuing materials research;
  • Attract outstanding faculty to the MSE Program and its participating departments;
  • Support, organize and develop world-class major instrumentation, shared facilities and infrastructure that enables outstanding materials research; and
  • Catalyze the pursuit of block funding in the materials research arena through coordination of interdisciplinary materials research teams, and fostering of Centers and major collaborations.



May 3rd, 2012 - Program Proposal Submitted

January 4th, 2013 - Formal Approval

August 24th, 2013 - First Graduate Students Enrolled


Participating Departments

The Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) program is an interdisciplinary program with participating faculty in nine departments across the UC Boulder campus: