In an interview on Colorado Matters, Marie Banich discusses INC's participation in an innovative, national project to understand how drug use during the teenage years affects brain development.

Colorado Public Radio featured Pilyoung Kim's research on the neuroscience of poverty in a recent series entitled Growing Up Poor: Childhood Poverty in Colorado 

Marie Banich, Executive Director of INC, was featured in Ambrose Digital's new educational video series Neuroscience: Understanding the Brain.

Marie Banich was interviewed by International Innovation in an article entitled Making Brain Waves.

INC investigators Marie Banich and Monique LeBourgeois received a third grant from the CU Boulder Office of Outreach and Engagement to expand INC's outreach neuroscience program to middle schools during the 2015-2016 academic year. Read more here.

The Huffington Post reports on Hollis Karoly's research finding that exercise may protect the brain against negative effects of excessive alcohol use.

Tor Wager's research on the placebo effect is featured on 60 Minutes Australia.