Published: Aug. 26, 2019

2020 BAW Logo

How do our brains work?

What happens when things go wrong?

What are research-informed ways to improve brain and body health?
How can learning about your brain lead toward a better quality of life?

Brain Awareness Week events at CU Boulder offer insight and information to answer questions about our brains and our brain's health. Connect with scientists involved in brain research and learn how research applies to real life. 

Free events during the 2020 Brain Awareness Week, March 12 through March 19 include:

  • Understanding the Teen Brain: the science behind "crazy" teen behavior and the incredible opportunities of youth
    March 12, 4:30, Meadow's Branch Boulder Public Library
  • Meditation at the CU Art Museum
    March 13, 12:15
  • Community Brain Expo Day
    March 13, 4:00, Center for Innovation and Creativity
  • CU Student Mental Health Awareness Hike
    March 16, 2:00, Chautauqua Ranger Hut
  • Can Computers Read Our Emotions?/Machine Learning & Human Emotions
    March 16, 5:00, CU Boulder Engineering Center Discovery Learning Center
  • CU Student Brain Health Fair
    March 18, 2:00 CU Boulder UMC first floor
  • Inflammation, Stress, and Your Brain
    March 19, 1:30. East Boulder Senior Center

Come expand your mind with us, March 12 through March 19, 2020!

For 24 years BAW’s global education initiative has increased public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. BAW founders the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives states “Brain research is the hope for treatments, preventions, and possible cures for brain diseases and disorders and to ensure a better quality of life at all ages.” Bringing together diverse groups working on brain research and education, more than 5,600 universities, hospitals, schools, outreach and educational organizations, medical research facilities, government agencies, corporations, professional organizations and more, from over 120 countries have participated in BAW events since its inception.

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Neuroscience researchers interested in exhibiting their work for Community Brain Expo Day on March 13 can contact the BAW organizer to register.