Friday, March 11 (Benson 380  See Map)

09:00-10:45      Alan Code: "Aristotle on Why Substances Alone Have Essences"
                         Comments by Jeffrey Russell 

11:00-12:45      Jeffrey Brower: "Aquinas on the Individuation of Substances"
                         Comments by Tom Donaldson 

12:45-14:30      Lunch

14:30-16:15      Graham Priest: "It All Depends"
                         Comments by Michael Della Rocca 

16:30-18:15      Jennifer Wang: "Fundamental Essences"
                         Comments by Samuel Levey 


Saturday, March 12 (Benson 380 See Map)

09:00-10:45      Karen Bennett: "Building and Causing" (Ch.4 of Making Things Up
                         Comments by Alison Peterman 

11:00-12:45      Anat Schechtman: "Causation, Dependence, and the Allegedly Cartesian Roots of Spinoza's Metaphysics" 
                         Comments by Adrian Moore 

12:45-14:30      Lunch

14:30-16:15      Amie Thomasson: "Norms and Necessity" 
                         Comments by Samuel Rickless 

16:30-18:15      Marleen Rozemond: "Mind and Mechanism in Cudworth and Leibniz" 
                         Comments by Carla Merino-Rajme