Sherri Cook
Assistant Professor
Environmental Engineering

Dr. Sherri Cook is an Assistant Professor in the Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Department, Environmental Engineering Program, and is an instructor for the MENV program at the University of Colorado Boulder. Sherri’s research interests focus on the design and development of sustainable water treatment and civil infrastructure systems, specifically investigating the operational limits of biological treatment systems; evaluating novel environmental biotechnology approaches to recover resources from waste and to design resilient civil systems; and developing sustainability assessments for technology development.

The different types of waste produced by society—the waste you flush down a drain or put in a trashcan—are, in fact, a significantly underutilized resource for water, energy, and materials. By developing new processes to recover these resources, the rates of non-renewable resource consumption and environmental impacts associated with global urban metabolisms can be minimized. Sherri’s research encompasses three themes: (i) sustainable water system design, (ii) water treatment and reuse, and (iii) material and energy recovery. Theme 1 focuses on identifying and understanding implementation barriers, usually by developing new models that are used to set research and development agendas. These models are applied to technology development for water, energy, and material recovery; which focuses on biochar adsorbents and energy production and sanitation services in resource limited communities. Her research integrates environmental biotechnology and quantitative sustainability assessments, using fundamental experimentation, field work, process modeling, life cycle modeling, and interdisciplinary methods.

Sherri received her MSE and PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan and BS in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech.