Jana Sanchez
Career Advisor • Instructor

Jana Sanchez has been helping companies and leaders get results for more than 20 years. With an extensive background in organizational management, marketing and facilitation, she helps companies get clarity to know where they need to go, and which tools will get them there. On an individual coaching level, Jana specializes in helping people magnify what they’re passionate about and connecting them to resources and people.

Her company, Alchemy With Words, teaches people about transformative communication for everyday situations. She creates and delivers keynotes, workshops, and classes that change the way people lead and succeed.

Telling stories in one way or another runs through the veins of her professional life. With previous careers in both nonprofit fundraising and marketing, she understands how crafting effective messages, rooted in honest emotion and built around clear action, attract lasting results.

Jana holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Management and Corporate Culture and a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Management and Production. Lessons from the stage, including how to manage diverse groups of passionate people through rapid product development cycles, are still highly influential in her work with the ever-changing business landscape.

When not wearing her Chief Alchemist hat at Alchemy With Words, Jana is the Executive Director of LaunchNo.CO, a nonprofit organization helping companies form, grow, and stay in Northern Colorado. Jana is deeply passionate about growing her community, building long-term sustainable companies, and single malt scotch.