Daniela Uribe
Environmental and Natural Resources Policy

My name is Daniela Uribe and I'm a student in the Environmental and Natural Resources Policy specialization. I hail from the coffee region of Colombia, where I grew up surrounded by exceptional natural beauty and complex environmental and social challenges. I studied International Political Economy at Standford University, and also hold a certificate in Tropical Forest Landscapes Conservation, Restoration & Sustainable Use from Yale School of the Environment. I have worked in various roles in the environmental and social impact sector, including urban wilderness protection, development of sustainable travel destinations, and strategy consulting for large philanthropic foundations and Fortune 500 companies. Prior to starting the MENV program, I was running my company, Lazy Bear Tea, where we worked to upcycle otherwise wasted byproducts of the coffee supply chain, starting with the coffee fruit. As fun as that was, I'm now eager to learn about policy and the policymaking process as I think about transformative and effective levers to address climate change effectively, equitably, and ambitiously.