Career Development Office 

The MENV Career Development Office prepares its students for careers across all industries andsectors. Through our innovative approach to career preparation, we equip our students withmeaningful and practical ways to land a job in their chosen field. Our team offers a comprehensive suite of career services to our students and alumni, including one-on-one support, skill-building workshops, in-class trainings, networking and professional development events, and peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities. The Career Development Office can assist you with building your resume, updating your LinkedIn profile, informational interviewing, networking and relationship building, negotiation, etiquette, mock interviewing, and much more. In addition to group and one-on-one offerings, we host many events throughout the year to help you build your skills and your network, to acquire the most fulfilling positions.  


CU Boulder’s Career Services also provides a multitude of professional development resources for students and alumni.Professional development workshops are also held periodically through the semester as an additional resource for MENV students. They are designed to provide skills and information that are not otherwise covered in the traditional MENV curriculum. Attendance is usually not mandatory, however the MENV Program strongly encourages students to attend. 


Cohort-to-Cohort (C2C) Mentoring Program 

This program enables the junior cohort to utilize the knowledge and experience of the senior cohort during the onboarding process and well into their first semester. Senior cohort members may participate, on a strictly volunteer basis, to mentor incoming MENV students. Students will be paired or grouped dependent on the number of volunteers. Guidance will be provided to mentors and mentees a bi-weekly or monthly basis dependent on the time of year. Senior cohort mentors are expected to have a certain level of engagement with their mentees and sign a mentorship agreement that outlines goals, effective mentorship, confidentiality, and evaluating relationship effectiveness. Mentoring is a skill that can be added to resumes, and can result in mentees serving as recommenders and networking resources.   


Mentorship pairs/groups will have a significant level of autonomy, where they will determine the appropriate level of meeting frequency and medium for engagement (online versus in-person).  


MENV Listservs 

MENV provides a number of listservs for communications amongst faculty, staff, and students. It is expected that all students follow University IT Security Program – IT Resource User Responsibilities when using IT resources. Messages that are sent and/or received by way of the MENV listserv should be replied back directly to the sender unless a group response is requested (i.e. avoid “replying all” if not requested). Furthermore, it is expected for all email be used with the utmost professionalism and relevance.   


Campus policies regarding listservs include the following elements: 

  • Don’t harass. This includes not annoying, intimidating, threatening, or offending another person(s) by: conveying obscene language, pictures, and/or other materials; making threats of bodily or psychological harm; contacting another person repeatedly with the intent to annoy or bother; and/or contact a person who has expressed a desire for electronic communication to cease;  
  • Don't use CU Boulder's IT resources for commercial and/or political purposes. It is against state law for state resources or funds to be used for supporting political campaigns, candidates, legislation, or ballot issues. 
  • Don’t comply with intellectual property law. Don’t violate copyright law by illegally copying, distributing, downloading and/or uploading information using computing or network resources. Even innocent, unintentional infringement violates copyright law. Information regarding CU Boulder’s statement on copyright can be found through University Libraries.