This page will be updated prior to the start of the fall 2021 semester and revised throughout the academic year.

Remote Instruction/Technology

Office of Information Techology (OIT)


Advising Appointments

Nate will continue to offer advising meetings via Zoom during his usual advising times (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to 7:30). Please schedule these using the following Calendly link:

Nate will also offer alternative meetings outside of his regularly scheduled times. If you need an alternative time, please email Nate ( to set that up.

At the moment of your appointed time, you may access Nate via Zoom with this meeting ID:

Coaching Sessions

All coaching sessions with Rachel Bigby (Wednesdays 2-3pm; Thursdays 10-11am) and Carey Albertine will be conducted virtually via Zoom.

Please continue to use the Calendly links below to schedule appointments. Should you already have a session scheduled, please make sure to look at the calendar invite, which will be updated with a Zoom link prior to the scheduled session.

• Calendly – Rachel Bigby
• Calendly – Carey Albertine




As our society navigates the coronavirus pandemic, MENV prioritizes the health and safety of our students, our capstone partners, and the communities in which we work. Therefore, in the absence of an approved exception, all summer and fall capstone fieldwork shall take place remotely. ‘Fieldwork’ includes capstone team and advising meetings, work with capstone partners, stakeholder engagement, and any other work related to the project.

Examples of common MENV fieldwork:
● Capstone team meetings
● Working and/or attending one or more meetings in a capstone partner’s office/location
● In-person interviews or focus groups with stakeholders
● Attending an in-person event hosted by the capstone partner, or attending an in-person event hosted by a community group as part of the capstone project
● Visiting field sites with or without direct stakeholder engagement to collect data or make observations, including public lands, farms, renewable energy installations, or neighborhoods


Exception Process

Capstone teams may petition for an exception to the remote work policy in accordance with the University of Colorado Boulder Return to Research review process. Petitions are reviewed internally within MENV before the team submits to the CU-Boulder Return to Research
committee, which includes the Dean of the Graduate School and the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation. This CU-Boulder committee, and not MENV, will ultimately approve or deny a petition.

MENV will continue to monitor policy and guidance from the State of Colorado, University of Colorado, and local governments. Capstone teams are responsible for complying with all COVID-related regulations from local and state governments and the University of Colorado. We may revise this policy if guidance changes. If we do revise the policy, we will communicate the change to all students, staff, and faculty.

MENV Capstone Fieldwork Petition Process
Before writing your MENV Capstone Fieldwork Petition, review the Return to Research Guidance document, with a focus on the “Addendum for Fieldwork Guidelines Under Phase 1 and Phase 2 Research at the University of Colorado” (pp. 32-38 on the PDF). Each team should identify an individual to manage the process, and to be the point of contact for the petition. Submit one petition that will address all fieldwork for the remainder of Summer and Fall 2020.

Follow these steps to submit a petition:
1. All Capstone team members must have taken CU-Boulder’s COVID-19 training, located within your Canvas account.
2. Work with your Capstone Advisor to complete the MENV Capstone Fieldwork Petition form. The petition will be reviewed sequentially by your Capstone Advisor; Kimberly Kosmenko, Capstone Manager; Ben Webster, Associate Director; and Joel Hartter, Faculty Director. It may be approved or denied. The decision to approve or deny the petition is final, and petitions cannot be resubmitted.
3. Only after the petition is approved by Joel Hartter, Faculty Director, may the point of contact submit the CU Boulder “Requesting Access to Return to Campus for Summer/Fall 2020 ” form to request campus approval. (Although the title of the form notes a return to campus, it also applies to off-campus fieldwork).
4. The campus Return to Research committee will either approve or deny the petition. The committee’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.

Capstone Questions

Students who have questions regarding capstone meetings should contact their respective capstone advisor. We are continuing to monitor the evolving situation. MENV will be following campus guidelines for our operations and student learning. We understand that the remote learning policy and these new policies regarding field trips and Capstone Projects may feel restrictive. Our priorities are for the welfare of our students and MENV staff and faculty. That said, the campus guidelines are evolving. There may be future changes to the capstone project practices that could be either more or less restrictive. We will communicate the new information as it becomes available.

Health & Wellness


CU Boulder has many support and advocacy resources available for our campus community.