Shirley Chessman
Idea Forge Mechanical Lab Engineer

Office Location: FLMG 273


  • Assist instructors with course logistics (Senior Design, Component Design, Manufacturing, Professionalism)
  • Assist students with project planning, design, fabrication, testing and analysis
  • Act as a liaison to Senior Design adjunct faculty
  • Career Development: conduct mock interviews, provide informal career counseling and advice, enrolled in Career Development Facilitator course
  • Maintain Idea Forge check-out of office equipment and hardware
  • Work with students and instructors from ME, as well as other departments, providing equipment and usage support as needed

What I enjoy most about working for CU Boulder

I enjoy seeing the growth and maturity of our students as they go through the curriculum and hearing about their successes after they’ve entered the workforce. 


I was born and raised in California and received an engineering degree from UCLA. I worked for many years in the computer hard drive industry. I'm married with two grown children who both graduated as Buffs. I like to golf in the summer and used to snowboard in the winter, and I love old classic cars (owner of a Porsche 356). 

Contact Shirley Chessman

The best way to reach me is email. I check emails several times a day during the week and sporadically on the weekends. My busiest times of year are one month before and one month after the start and end of each semester.