PhD Funding

Top PhD applicants will be invited to a campus visit in March. After the visit, we will extend Teaching Assistant (TA) funding offers. These funding offers include tuition coverage, a monthly salary, and 90% health insurance coverage. Pending satisfactory performance after your first academic year in the program, funding will be taken over by your research advisor, and will continue until you graduate. We typically attract about 25 new PhD students per year.

Master of Science Thesis Financial Aid

Unfortunately, the Department is not able to provide funding for Master of Science Thesis students. Students should contact the Office of Financial Aid for loan information.

Master of Science Professional Financial Aid

Most of our Master of Science Professional students are self-funded or receive employer support, but we offer additional options to help you defer the cost of your education.

  • Up to 12 diversity and entrepreneurial scholarships worth $2,000 - $8,000.
  • Hourly grading positions in the department.

You may also wish to contact the Office of Financial Aid for loan information.

To apply for a scholarship, submit a one page statement(s) in PDF format to answering the questions below. Applications for the Fall 2018 semester are due January 10, 2018.

Diversity Scholarship

We are committed to fostering a diverse and equitable environment for all of our students. Please discuss how your past experiences make you a diverse candidate. You may also choose to share any contributions you are most proud of that emphasize your awareness and support of an inclusive environment.

Entrepreneurial Scholarship

Describe your entrepreneurial journey. How do you embody an entrepreneurial spirit? What is one problem which you are seeking to solve, and how do you plan to do so?