The professional development requirement intends to prepare you for a successful career by providing opportunities for you to explore the field of mechanical engineering and build skills related to the job search, teamwork, communication, networking and professional/ethical responsibility. Students who enroll in ME starting in fall 2018 or after will complete their professional development requirement through the Design Your Career program. Students who enrolled prior to this term follow the ME Buffs Pro requirement as outlined below. 

MCEN 2000: Mechanical Engineering as a Profession

The ME Professionalism Seminar serves as a foundation for you to complete the professionalism requirement. The course material includes three activities listed below specifically required for the Buffs Pro Program:

  1. Resume
  2. Mock Interview
  3. Career Advising Session

Additional Requirements

In addition to successfully completing MCEN2000, you are required to participate in four supplemental activities prior to graduation. Approved events will be announced through the mcen-undergrad listserv and posted in the calendar section of the ME Buffs Pro page on Canvas.

  • Industry Connections (2) - Events in this category specifically involve interaction with representatives from industry. The goal of the events is to familiarize participants with a variety of different companies/career fields, as well as with the etiquette involved with professional interactions. Examples of approved events would be career fairs, networking nights, and select company info sessions.
  • Professional Development (2) - These events focus on any of a wide range of topics related to professional development. Examples could include presentations related to the environmental impact of technology, workshops focused on developing an effective team, and entrepreneurship events. Because basic job search topics like resume and cover letter writing are already covered in MCEN2000, events focused on those topics will generally not be approved for credit.
  • In addition to the options posted on Canvas, you can request professionalism credit for non-department events by submitting a description to your Academic Advisor for review. The specific events that we are likely to approve include:
    • Professional Conferences – presenting a poster/paper, serving on a panel, or attending a professionalism related seminar or networking event
    • Engineering Student Group Involvement – substantive leadership role
    • New Venture Challenge – present a business idea at pitch night
    • ROTC – summer training can substitute for both of your industry connections events
    • Other events unique to your interests that focus on the topics described above

Getting Credit for Attendance

Make sure to sign-in on the "ME Professionalism Institute" check-in sheet at each event. If an event does not have a check-in sheet with that specific wording at the top, please have the event facilitator sign an individual event attendance form. Attendance forms should be submitted to your Undergraduate Advisor.