Travel Authorization Forms are required for ALL travel ​

  • use Sponsored Projects Travel Authorization Form for ALL travel, regardless of funding source
  • questions about Travel Authorization Forms, contact Annika Martin
  • submit Faculty/Staff Travel Authorization forms to Emily Flanagan for approval 
  • submit Student/Postdoc Travel Authorization forms (signed by appropriate PI) to Emily Flanagan

Regardless of who is paying for the trip, travelers must obtain department approval for all travel. Traveler must reimburse the University for any travel-related expenses incurred by the University and ultimately paid by another entity. 

  • International airfare MUST be booked by calling a Christopherson travel agent at: Christopherson Business Travel 
  • If international travel is supported by federal funds, you must comply with the Fly America Act
  • For no cost international trips, travelers must log their trip itinerary in iSOS: Step-by-Step Instructions 
  • For more information visit the Risk Management Website: International Insurance & Travel Assistance Programs 
  • When traveling to or from another country, keep in mind that laptops and mobile devices are subject to confiscation and export control. The law may require an export license to travel with these items. Export control licenses take time so plan ahead. Please refer to the Vice Chancellor for Research website for further information. 
  • As of 8.1.14, the University now provides international travel medical and evacuation insurance coverage for all CU employees travelling internationally on university business authorized by their CU department. The insurance coverage is through Geo-Blue and you should register on-line at with the CU Access Code: QHG99999UCBT. There you can print the CU ID Card you will need should you need medical treatment or emergency services. There are a host of services to assist you in your travels and you only need to register once. 
  • The Risk Management website provides travel tools and resources at. One of those resources is the CU International Traveler Letter attached to this email and included in all international travel itineraries when your travel is booked through Christopherson Travel Agency. The letter contains critical information regarding travel and GEO-Blue. 
  • The University retains an additional international evacuation and emergency service travel consultant through International SOS (ISOS). They assist CU employees and students with emergency services such as; lost passports, on-the-ground country specific information, and/or if seeking safety/security advice. If you choose to do so, you can register your trip with ISOS using the CU Membership #11BCAS000006. They will have your travel information in a CU traveler database and able to assist you in case of an emergency. If you would like a laminated ISOS membership card, contact University Risk Management ( with your campus box number. 

To book airfare, traveler MUST either use the online CONCUR Travel and Expense System OR contact a travel agent with Christopherson Business Travel: 

  • To purchase airfare using the Concur Travel System ($9 processing fee): See the PSC Training and Help website at Booking a Trip 
  • Booking through a Christopherson Agent ($20 processing fee): See available agents at Christopherson Business Travel 

External Internet Site: If purchasing from an external internet site (e.g. Orbitz, Expedia, Kayak) you must obtain a (same day) comparison quote from Christopherson. You can do this through the Concur Travel System. Enter the specifications of your travel in the search fields and print the list of Concur fares. You may also contact a Christopherson Agent for a comparison quote. If the external internet airfare is less than the quote, proceed with your purchase using a personal credit card. Your quote and purchase must be on the same day. Without this comparison you will not be reimbursed for the cost of the airfare. For reimbursement after the trip: reference the comparison quote information from Christopherson in the comments on your expense report. Attach the proof of payment for your ticket purchase. 

Parking: Discounts on parking near DIA are offered to all University employees. Methods for obtaining discounts are different for each vendor so please use the following link for detailed information - DIA Parking 

Free Baggage: Frontier Airlines is providing free baggage with the purchase of State Airfare Price Agreement tickets. In order to avoid paying baggage fees, please verify with your travel agent that you have purchased a ticket via the State of Colorado Airfare Price Agreement. 

Book rental car online through Concur Travel and Expense System: 

  • Insurance: Decline insurance for domestic preferred cars (Avis, Budget, National, Enterprise and Hertz), accept insurance for international and non-preferred vendors. In most cases, VISA provides Collision/Loss Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW). The State contracted agencies provide liability coverage. For more information contact 1.800.VISA.911 prior to traveling to determine the specific insurance needs applicable to your trip. 
  • If you rent a car in person (i.e. not using concur), make sure you rent from one of the above preferred agencies. 
  • Note: Four-wheel-drive vehicles may only be rented if the trip requires it to access a difficult-to-get-to location. Unless this is the case, travelers must rent two-wheel drive vehicles. 
  • For a list of negotiated rates and information, click here.  BROKEN LINK 

How do I pay for my rental car? 

  • Use your Travel Card to receive insurance coverage benefits. 
  • You will need to obtain an itemized rental car receipt showing proof of payment for rental car and rental car gas. 

Book lodging online through Concur Travel and Expense System: 

  • Use your Travel Card to pay lodging and any required deposits to the extent of the actual cost of reasonable accommodations. Itemized receipts are required for both the lodging deposit and the balance of the hotel stay. 
  • You are not allowed to use the Procurement card to pay for lodging! 
  • If you arrange private lodging (staying with family or friends) you can be reimbursed up to $25/day for associated costs.

  • Plan ahead and register early to get the early registration discount most conferences provide. Use the Procurement card to pay for registration fees.