The Department of Mechanical Engineering accepts applications for travel grants for up to $250 for in state conferences and up to $750 for out-of-state conferences. These awards are given to facilitate educational and professional development through conference participation by a student presenting a paper or poster. PhD students are given preference, but highly qualified MS students are encouraged to apply. Applications are accepted throughout the academic year and are reviewed by the Graduate Committee.

The awards are given as scholarship money and will be applied to your CU account. If your account balance is zero, then a refund will be issued to you. Scholarships can be applied only during the fall and spring semesters.

Funding is contingent upon formal acceptance of an abstract. Application requirements include:

  • Copy of abstract or evidence of poster submitted to a conference for presentation
  • Written request to the Graduate Committee with the following:
    • Student’s name, degree plan, and expected graduation
    • Destination & name of conference
    • Summary of request, including description of benefits & opportunities
    • Estimated expenses
    • Amount requested
    • Description of additional financial support, if any
    • Name of faculty advisor(s)
    • Signature from faculty advisor(s) showing support for request

Note: If proof of acceptance of paper/poster is not available at the time of your application, funds will not be awarded until such proof is submitted. Please note that if proof of acceptance is provided during the summer, funds may not be able to be applied until the beginning of the following fall semester.


Spring semester awards: Please apply by April 12th.
Fall semester awards: Please apply by October 20th.

Other Funding Options

In addition to the department travel awards, you may also consider applying for funding from the programs below.