The BS/MS program offers you the chance to more quickly pursue a master’s degree. Students admitted to the BS/MS program prior to July 2019 follow the concurrent Bachelor’s/Master’s structure outlined below. Students admitted after July 2019 will follow the Bachelor's–Accelerated Master’s (BAM) structure

The complete BS/MS program generally adds one to two years to your education, depending on your course load. Though the master’s components can be completed in one year, many students find the course load is easier when spread over a longer period of time. The BS/MS program is faster than a standalone master's program, because you can apply up to six credit hours to both the BS and MS components. BS/MS students are also required to take only one semester of Graduate Seminar unlike students in a standalone master’s program who take two semesters of Graduate Seminar.

View our master’s pages (Master of Science Professional or Master of Science Thesis) for coursework and general program requirements.

Additional Information

  • Both degrees will be awarded simultaneously when requirements for both degrees are met.
  • Colorado resident students at graduate status are assessed graduate tuition rates and are NOT eligible for the College Opportunity Fund (COF).
  • Graduate students receiving financial aid are considered “independent” and are no longer eligible for aid requiring undergraduate status.
  • To comply with Title IV Higher Education regulations, students pursuing a concurrent BS/MS degree will automatically be changed to graduate status after the completion of 145 credit hours.

Please contact Graduate Academic Advisor Anna Guy with any questions about the BS/MS program.