Biomedical Engineering is the application of engineering technology to medical research and equipment. Contributions to this important and growing area by mechanical engineers include the design and manufacture of biomedical devices ranging from prostheses to micromechanical blood flow sensors and artificial heart valves. Application of mechanical engineering fundamentals to questions in biophysics also contributes to improvements in medical diagnosis and treatment. 

The Biomedical Option consists of the normal requirements for a BS in mechanical engineering, with the four Technical Electives focused on Biomedical Engineering. Students interested in pursuing the Biomedical Option must submit a “Change of Major” form detailing their request and will receive a notation on their transcript upon completing the program. Courses not listed below may be approved by the department. Please contact your academic advisor for more information.

As you consider which courses to take from the lists below, please note that many of the classes shown have prerequisites you will need to complete prior to registration. 

ME Technical Electives 

For the Biomedical Option, please choose two classes from either the following list of ME technical electives or the list of general technical electives below for a total of 6 credits. 

  • MCEN 4117: A&P for Engineers 
  • MCEN 4127: Biomedical Ultrasound 
  • MCEN 4133: Biomechanics of Solids 
  • MCEN 4137: A&P for Engineers 2 
  • MCEN 4141: Indoor Air Pollution 
  • MCEN 4154: Biocolloids & Biomembranes 
  • MCEN 4173: Finite Element Analysis
  • MCEN 4183: Mechanics of Composites 
  • MCEN 4228: Materials in Medicine 
  • MCEN 4228: Mechanical Behavior of Biological Materials 
  • MCEN 4228: Mechanics of Soft Matter 
  • MCEN 4228: Molecular Biology & Micro/Nano-Scale Engineering 
  • MCEN 4228: Surface Forces in Biology 
  • MCEN 4848: Independent Study w/ Biomedical Focus 
  • MCEN 5636: Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems I

General Technical Electives 

For the Biomedical Option, please choose two classes from either the following list of general technical electives or the list of ME technical electives above for a total of 6 credits. 

  • ASEN 3116: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering 
  • CHEN 4820: Biochemical Separations 
  • CVEN 4484: Introduction to Environmental Microbiology 
  • ECEN 4021: Engineering Application in Medicine 
  • MCDB 4550: Cells, Molecules and Tissues 
  • IPHY 3410: Introduction to Human Anatomy 
  • IPHY 4730: Integrative Motor Control 
  • IPHY 3430: Human Physiology
  • CHEM 3311 and/or 3331: Organic Chemistry 1 & 2
  • CHEM 4411 and/or 4431: Physical Chem with Biochemistry Applications 1 & 2
  • CHEM 4711 and/or 4731: General Biochemistry 1 & 2
  • EBIO 3400: Microbiology
  • MCDB 3280: Molecular Cell Physiology