Course description:

This course will provide conceptual and methodological field tools that can be employed by engineers in different phases of international development and research projects, and prepare students to undertake a field study in a foreign country. Community appraisal methods will be presented with focus on participatory research approaches, need assessment tools, and cultural and ethical issues. The course will introduce both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods and emphasis will be placed on engineering fieldwork methods including water availability assessment, water quality analysis, renewable energy source assessment, topographical survey, and soil property identification. Key issues and methods in the data analysis, interpretation and presentation will be examined as well as all the component of fieldwork planning, including literature review, objectives, methods and logistics.

Learning objectives:

-    Be familiar with international development community appraisal concepts and methods.
-    Gain skills in both quantitative and qualitative techniques for data collection, analysis and interpretation.
-    Acquire practical surveying skills needed by engineers working as development practitioners.
-    Chose specific fieldwork methods for specific development contexts.
-    Create a fieldwork plan.

Course content