The MCDB IT facility will begin charging for data storage beginning on 1 July 2019 (your first bill will be in August).

MCDB provides a backed up file server to all labs in the department in support of their research efforts.

Storage Charges:

  • The first 5TB are of Active Storage (i.e. Collie) is Free.
  • Active Storage in excess of 5TB will be assessed a monthly fee of $7.00/TB.
  • The first 10TB of Backup Storage is Free.
  • Backup Storage in excess of 10TB will be assessed a monthly fee of $3.50/TB.
  • Note: usage is measured at the end of the month.

Archival Charges:

  • Offline tape archive (pricing to be announced).
  • Data on tapes can be recovered within about 1 week of request.

Alternative storage and archival methods: