Additional information about research operations can be found at RIO's COVID-19 Resources page.

MCDB’s highest concern is for the health of our staff, faculty, students, families, and communities. The MCDB faculty understand that the coronavirus situation presents a considerable threat and hardship to those conducting laboratory research.  Anyone who feels uncomfortable being at work or cannot be because of school closures or other personal circumstances should express this to their PI. Any disputes should be brought to Associate Department Chair Ken Krauter. The intent of the faculty is to respond on the side of safety.

Public health experts tell us that the next week or two represents the most critical window for the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic, during which aggressive social distancing will have the greatest effect on reducing spread of the disease. This is a time for researchers to evaluate their ongoing experiments—to determine which experiments could be postponed for a time, after which we should have more and better data to gauge the status of the pandemic.

This is also a time to pause and evaluate aspects of your research and career that don’t involve bench work:

When you must be in the lab, maintain a heightened alertness to keeping yourself and your colleagues safe. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, maintain distance with others, minimize touching surfaces, and disinfect surfaces (bench tops, door handles, elevator buttons) that you do have to touch, before and after you touch them.

Beginning March 16, most buildings will require students, faculty and staff to swipe their Buff OneCard at entrances equipped with card readers for entry. Presume that Porter and Gold will be secured.

In view of the increasingly rigid governmental guidance, you would be wise to plan how to suspend all lab activity in short order if required.

Again, MCDB’s priority is to safeguard your health and safety. Feel free to contact Ken Krauter ( or Lee Niswander ( with any concerns.