MCDB has entered into phase I of the return to research process. Information about university-wide research operations can be found at RIO's COVID-19 Resources page.

In addition, MCDB has generated a set of guidelines to address the specific needs of the department. If you are a researcher in the Gold or Porter buildings, please read these guidelines in preparation for your return to lab work. If you are a Biofrontiers member, please refer to the institute’s website for further information.

When you must be in the lab, maintain a heightened alertness to keeping yourself and your colleagues safe. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, maintain distance with others, minimize touching surfaces, and disinfect surfaces (bench tops, door handles, elevator buttons) that you do have to touch, before and after you touch them.

MCDB’s highest concern is for the health of our staff, faculty, students, families, and communities. The MCDB faculty understand that the coronavirus situation presents a considerable threat and hardship to those conducting laboratory research.  Anyone who feels uncomfortable being at work or cannot be because of school closures or other personal circumstances should express this to their PI. We have also established an anonymous hotline to report violations or concerns.

Again, MCDB’s priority is to safeguard your health and safety. Feel free to contact Ken Krauter ( or Lee Niswander ( with any concerns.