Andrew Staehelin
Professor Emeritus
Molecular Cellular & Developmental Biology

Porter Bioscience Room B415

My lab studied the spatial and functional organization of the membrane compartments and associated scaffolding systems of the secretory pathways of plant, algal, yeast and mammalian cells. The membranes of interest included the ER, Golgi apparatus, trans Golgi network (TGN), multivesicular bodies, vacuoles/ lysosomes, plasma membrane, and chloroplasts. The main focus of our recent work has been on obtaining nano-scale, quantitative 3D information of secretory membrane systems and developing chloroplasts in cells preserved by high pressure freezing and analyzed by electron tomography.

My GM crop educational activities originated with a course on plant biotechnology techniques in the 1990s, followed by service on a Boulder County Open Space GMO advisory committee. I now give lectures on this topic and occasionally write guest commentaries for the Boulder Daily Camera (see PowerPoint slides and articles below).

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