Jonathan Lamar
Math 201


M.A., Mathematics; University of Colorado Boulder, 2015
B.A., Mathematics; University of Louisville, 2012
B.S., Psychology; University of Louisville, 2012

Research Interests:

Algebraic combinatorics, Hopf algebras


My research focuses on the relationship between the algebraic properties of a finite group and the combinatorial properties of its lattice of supercharacter theories, and how these relationships vary over nested families of groups.


S. Burkett, J. Lamar, and C. Wynn, “Groups with exactly two supercharacter theories,” Communications in Algebra 45 (2017) 977-982.
J. Lamar, "Supercharacter theories of dihedral groups," under preparation.
B. Wall, P. Walsh, J. Lamar, “Cryptographically Backed Access Controls at Scale via Proxy Re-Encryption,” Proceedings of Real World Crypto, Zurich, Switzerland, Jan. 2018 (2018) 8 pages.