The CU Boulder American Mathematical Society (AMS) Graduate Student Chapter is an organization run by students and for students with the stated goal of encouraging research-level mathematics in cooperation with the national AMS. It’s one of over 40 such local chapters of its kind in the US. Its organizational goals include supporting existing seminars and student-led forums monetarily, endorsing outstanding graduate students in their final semester, coordinating interdepartmental tea-socials, and fomenting other initiatives to contribute to the academic climate here at CU. While contributing to the excellence of the CU Boulder Math department, involved students develop leadership and communication skills and gain valuable experience managing funds and working together.

Visit the AMS webpage for more information on the AMS local chapters at CU Boulder and around the nation.

Current Officers

Leo Herr, President

Paul Lessard, Vice President

Mason Pelfrey, Treasurer

Brendt Gerics, Secretary


Participating Faculty

Alexander Gorokhovsky, Founding Faculty Sponsor

Martin Walter, Faculty Fiscal Manager