Campus Master Plan


Phase One:

February '09–October '09 – Assessment

Initiation: The purpose of this phase is to plan the process and gain agreement on the course of action and schedule. (February ’09–March ’09)

  1. Prepare preliminary schedule and budget
  2. Identify interviews
  3. Secure Phase I funding
  4. Meet with CCHE regarding CU-Boulder’s intent to prepare a Master Plan

Issue Identification: The purpose of this phase is to interview key decision makers to determine issues and views that will have influence over the Master Plan. (April ’09–May ’09)

  1. Conduct interviews with key stakeholders (May '09 - September '09)
  2. Prepare Preliminary Report
  3. Present report to BCPS, DRB, and administrators
  4. Identify next steps
  5. Develop next steps

Task Force Invitations: The purpose of this phase is to invite participants based on the issues identified above.

  1. Develop group themes – March ’09–April ‘09
  2. Identify and invite members
  3. Form and charge task forces – September ’09–October ‘09
  4. Prepare background information
  5. Solicit city input – May ’09–October ‘09

Phase Two:

June ’09–June '10 – Plan Development

Inventory: The purpose of this phase is to develop analytical data that will be used to make decisions regarding campus development.

  1. Develop enrollment projections – October '09
  2. Develop Space Inventory – April ’09–July ‘09
  3. Develop Space Needs Projections – January '10
  4. Develop Transportation Inventory – March '10-June '10

Task Force Reports: Reports on the work of the eight task forces will be presented in the month of February 2010.

Analysis: The purpose of this phase is to propose and test master planning solutions to the problems and issues identified to date. Currently, the major areas of effort will be the East Campus and the area North of Boulder Creek in the flood plain. Areas where little will be changed from 2001 will receive focus area updates. This will be an iterative process subject to significant public review and participation. (Feb ’10–July ’10)

Draft Plan – The purpose of this phase is to document the findings of the above steps and generate a cohesive plan. ( March '10-Aug '10)

Phase Three:

Aug ’10–July '11 – Review and Adoption

Reviews and Editing: Once the plan is drafted, the public vetting process begins. Negotiations will be required with various groups and input into the plan from various boards and commissions will be required. The plan will be discussed with the City of Boulder, Boulder County, and others and will receive public attention. Changes will need to be incorporated into the final draft and then the final document. (Sept '10-March '11)

Approvals: The final document will be reviewed and recommended by the campus BCPC, and formally approved by the Board of Regents and CCHE. (Dec ’10–

March  ’11)