Campus Master Plan


"Sustainability means something different than it did 10 years ago. Today it means carbon neutrality and commitment to LEED gold-certified energy efficient buildings. Sustainability will be an overarching theme of the master planning process."

—Phil DiStefano, CU-Boulder Chancellor



ULI Panel Photo

Above: ULI (Urban Land Institute) Panel came to CU-Boulder to review scenario plans for the area North of Boulder Creek.

The planning department is working with many different campus and community constituents to create a truly transparent process. In such a volatile economic climate, it is the University's desire to be a good neighbor amidst the pressing challenges of meeting the needs of all of Colorado's citiziens.

The planning department is currently working with some scenario plans on the area North of Boulder Creek that were created after collecting comments from a task force, stakeholder groups, and a combined design Charette. These scenario plans are being reviewed by campus review boards, and the ULI Panel. These comments will serve to revise the plan, at this time the plans will be presented to the public.

We are always asking for comments, and will be hosting open houses to present these framework plans to the public. Please email with any comments, we will track these comments on a comment form. We will update the actions taken, the response, and eventually where your comment ends up in the Master Plan. Thank you.