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Celeste Montoya

Celeste Montoya

Dr. Celeste Montoya received her PhD in Political Science and a Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Washington University in St. Louis. She joined the Department of Women & Gender Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2007. Professor Montoya’s research primarily focuses on the ways in which women and other marginalized groups mobilize to enact change. She is interested in how these groups work within...     (303) 492-8261
Karen Ramirez

Karen E. Ramirez

Assistant Director of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Education
Dr. Karen Ramirez is the Co-Director of the CU Dialogues Program. She is also a faculty member at CU-Boulder, serving as the Assistant Director of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Education for the Miramontes Arts and Sciences Program. She has received the Dorothy Martin Faculty Award for excellence in teaching and activism concerning women’s issues as well as a Marinus G. Smith award for her impact on CU undergraduate students...     (303) 492-3275

Katharine (Kate) Semsar

Assistant Director of STEM Education
Dr. Kate Semsar received her PhD from North Carolina State University where she studied social and hormonal influences on coral reef fish behavior. She continued her training on the physiological bases of behavior studying genetic models of stress-related behavior during postdoctoral training at University of Pennsylvania. In 2007, she moved to Boulder to become a fellow with the Science Education Initiative in the Integrative Physiology department. In this role, she...     303-492-8298

Roshanne Ebrahimian

Program Assistant     (303) 492-8229