Published: Aug. 24, 2021
BMoCA @ Macky

Opening Monday! BMoCA @ Macky - Trevor Seymour: Interpretations

Trevor Seymour creates work that conceptually engages viewers to question how their experiences influence connections and associations they make in visual media. The artist uses a variety of digital source banks to pair randomly generated images and words. Each composition is a chance mash-up that juxtaposes two arbitrary elements with no influence from the artist. Seymour invites viewers to create meanings for each work while exploring possible links between language and image. Through this process, the artist enables viewers to experience a change in the meaning of a word, known as a semantic shift, as they discover relationships or personal connections between words and images. Interpretations invites viewers to build and examine unique meanings for his works by subconsciously considering their own personal connections with each drawing, print, or photograph.

About Trevor Seymour
Trevor Seymour uses technology, language, and traditional mediums to explore viewer engagement with art. By heavily utilizing computer randomization and artificial intelligence to create each composition, he separates himself from the meaning-making process. He empowers viewers to create the meaning instead of encouraging them to find any specific meaning in his work.

In 2018, Seymour earned a BA in studio art with a concentration in drawing from the University of Northern Colorado, where he received the Southard Award. His work was featured in a solo exhibition with Odessa Denver at Collective SML | k in 2018. He was selected to have a solo exhibition at Recreative Denver in 2020 (cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic). His work was included in the 2018 group exhibition Lights Out/On at Temple Denver and RedLine Contemporary Art Center in Denver. Seymour lives and works in Arvada, CO.

BMoCA @ Macky is a collaboration between BMoCA and The Andrew J. Macky Gallery, located in the foyer of the Macky Auditorium Concert Hall at the University of Colorado Boulder.