Published: Nov. 29, 2016
Taiko Summit Colorado

The thunder of Taiko is pure. It cleanses both the senses and the surroundings. As with most drumming traditions with origins in ancient societies, Taiko celebrates almost all aspects of life from birth to death. Taiko drums roused the troops, intimidated the enemy on battlefields, and were paraded through village streets as an invitation to seasonal festivities. The drums were also played at rice planting ceremonies where their thunderous tones scared away insects and awakened the rain spirits.

Julia Misawa, the Executive producer & Director of Taiko Summit Colorado, is proud to present internationally renowned Taiko Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka with San Francisco Taiko Dojo; the honourable Kenny Endo, the first foreigner to be honoured with a “natori”, a stage name in Japanese classical drumming; the Grammy Award Winner Koji Nakamura; GONNA, the Wadaiko x Marimba group of Japan; the local group of this city – Boulder Taiko Ensemble

When: 1:00pm on Saturday June 10, 2017 at Macky Auditorium, CU Boulder.
Tickets available online at: Vendini Ticketing at 9 am, Wednesday November 30