The evaluation was based on seven criteria:

  1. User experience design - The Learning Management system's ease of use and intuitiveness. 
  2. Software and technical - The functionality of the Learning Management System, integrations, and other technical concerns such as roles and permissions. 
  3. Timeline and implementation - The vendor's ability to migrate our courses and support our campus implementation. 
  4. Support and training -The support provided by the vendor to assist faculty, students, and administrators with their day-to-day use of the system. It also related to how the vendor manages access, performance, or functionality issues. 
  5. Security and compliance - The vendor's ability to meet IT Security and Accessibility Compliance standards. 
  6. Company qualifications - The vendor's experience in supporting other higher education organizations of similar size and complexity. 
  7. Cost - The cost of the license, support, etc. 

Canvas was selected primarily due to its performance on criteria one, two and four. Specifically, its: 

  • Ease of use and intuitiveness
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Publically available system performance reports 
  • Open-core architecture allowing flexibility and interoperability with outside tools