Welcome international students to CU Boulder. International students are eligible to live in the residence halls or Bear Creek based on their student status (first-year or second-year and beyond). Please be aware that First-Year students are required to live on campus at CU Boulder for their first two semesters (summers do not count towards this requirement). This is to better support first-year students through their transition into college life. We offer a multitude of options and amenities for residents that satisfy all types of needs that support your overall college experiences.

*Please note: international students attending the International English Center (IEC) should reach out to that office directly to inquire about housing options on campus.

First-Year International Students

  • It is important to note that most housing contracts at CU Boulder are usually for the academic year only. International students may consider an Academic Year + Breaks contract (AY+B)that provides access to your room from August to May including fall, winter, and spring breaks. Additionally this contract provides a supplemental dining plan for fall break (the week of Thanksgiving), winter break (mid-December to early January) and spring break (one week in March). 
  • AY+B contracts are available only in Willard and Reed halls and room types available for AY+B contracts are roommate(s) with community bath and roommate(s) with apartment.
  • Go to First-Year Students for information on the application processes and residence halls.

Second-Year and Beyond International Students

International students who are a second-year status or beyond are eligible to apply for Bear Creek and the residence halls, based on time of year and availability. Ask about Bear Creek and residence hall availability at Student Housing (303)492-6673 (M-F 8-4:30 MST).

  • Applying for Bear Creek

    • Students can apply for Bear Creek  as early as January 29 for the 2020-2021 academic year. Learn more about the application process and timeline.
    • Before you can access the Bear Creek application on you must confirm your intent to enroll and you activate your Identikey before you can login into the myCUliving portal.
    • The Bear Creek application includes a $250 deposit and a $50 non-refundable application fee totaling $300. The $250 deposit is ONLY refundable upon completion of the terms of the contract. It will be forfeited if the contract is canceled at any time prior to the completion date.
    • We do not guarantee assignment to any particular apartment type or with a specific roommate.  For more information on selecting roommate(s) or choosing co-ed apartments, please call Student Housing (303)492-6673 (M-F 8-4:30 MST).
  • Living Off Campus