Block Meal Plans

Buy Meal Plan

Residence hall students purchase a meal plan as part of their room and board agreement, however Block Meal Plans are also available.

These plans are for non-freshman students living in residence hall apartments, Bear Creek Apartments, Graduate & Family Housing or students living off-campus.

Campus Cash

Add Campus Cash

Campus Cash is a declining balance stored on your Buff OneCard that can be purchased by students, faculty or staff. This allows holders to "purchase" a meal at a dining center or grab-n-go by swiping the card at a check station (cost is only $8.25+tax, $8.99 total, per meal).

Munch Money

Check Balance

Munch Money is part of the student meal plans and acts as a declining balance stored on the Buff OneCard. It can be used in the Campus Dining Services-run retail operations or to swipe a friend in at a dining center. The cost is $8.15 (no tax) per meal.

Guest Meals

Buff OneCard Office

Non-affiliated guests of CU may purchase a meal with a credit or debit card at four locations: Center for Community Dining, Village Center Dining, CU on the Run and The Alley. The cost is $12.25+tax ($13.35 total) per meal.

If you only have cash or check, call Campus Dining Services at 303-492-6325 for payment instructions

Meal Cards

Request Cards

Faculty and staff with a university speed type may use this form to purchase meal cards. These can be used at any location that accepts a CU meal plan. They are non-refundable and expire. Questions? Call 303-492-6325.