Alex TWilliams Village Area - Community Center Coordinator

My name is Alex Trewatha and I will be the Community Center Coordinator for the Bear Creek Apartments. I graduated with my master's degree this past May from Minnesota State University Mankato. During that experience, I worked as a graduate assistant in the Community Engagement Office and as a graduate intern for International Student Services. One of my favorite things about working on campus is being able to be involved in so many different ways. I am ecstatic to be moving to Colorado and to be a part of your team. I know I will fit into the Colorado lifestyle because some of my main hobbies include hiking, snowboarding, camping and other outdoor activities. 

A few other things about me, I am an older brother to two younger sisters. I am originally from Missouri but my parents moved to Minnesota when I was young so MN is my home. I am secretly good at board/card games, I enjoy watching movies (love the Marvel universe) and I like to paint/draw when I can. I look forward to meeting you all and starting my first position out of graduate school.