Portraits of Wichitas (Tribal Center, Anadarko, Oklahoma)


Samples of Narratives

Some of the Wichita oral narratives recorded by Rood in the 1960s and 1970s have been digitized and annotated. A subset of these are now available in electronic form here on our website.

Below you can choose to view a narrative in PDF or in HTML form. The HTML forms allow you to specify the number of tiers of glossing that you would like to see as well as the option of hearing the sound recording. At the moment only one text is available in all these forms. We hope to provide some other annotated texts in the future.

Text 1: Turtle, Buffalo, and Coyote (by Bertha Provost)

    2-tier Glossed : HTML , PDF

    4-tier Glossed : HTML , PDF

    Text with Sound : HTML with sound

Coming Soon ... Text 2: The First Train My Mother Saw (by Flora Campbell Gabbert)

Please check back later for more Wichita texts.