A Language Meeting

Wichita Language Meeting (Anadarko, Oklahoma)

Documenting the Wichita Language
on Digital Video and Audio

  • Preparation For Fieldwork: Read about our Equipment for Digital Recording in the Field.

  • Fieldwork in Anadarko, Oklahoma (USA) : These pages contain a summary of our fieldtrips to Anadarko, Oklahoma, during 2002 and 2003. We made a total of four trips which resulted in about 16 hours of digital video recording in informal "language sessions" and a total of about 150 hours of digital audio recording containing individual interviews, texts, songs, and elicitations of words and phrases.

  • Working with the Recorded Video and Audio You can view some samples of results from our fieldwork in Anadarko. The pages here contain information about processing the digital video/audio media, the methodology for annotating the field tapes, and some general comments on outcomes of our doucmentation work.