Documenting the Wichita Language on Digital Video & Audio

March 2003 Field Trip

Project for the Documentation of Endangered Languages

Unlike the previous trips, this time all three team members (David, Andreas, and Armik) were able to go to Anadarko.

All 3 of us continued working with Doris on the annotation/transcription of the Wichita conversaion (meaning, the remaining 10 minutes of it that were left untranscribed after the Summer 02 trips) . We also worked with Doris on transcribing the Wichita "Train" text.

We attempted to obtain some natural conversation on audio (for the most part this was not very successful as we were not able to organize everyone together in one place). We also asked other speakers to join in to try to listen to the conversation to see if they could understand some of the songs in the recording.

David and Armik stayed in Anadarko for 5 days, by Muehldorfer stayed there for almost two weeks, doing mostly analysis of the older Wichita narratives with Doris, trying to organize small conversational sessions with two speakers. He also did some new text (narrative and procedural) collection.

Andreas came back to Boulder and sayed with us for a week, and we discussed the structure of the databases, narrative collections, and how to tranfer our annotations into ELAN. We also discussed plans for the upcoming DOBES Worshop in Frankfurt, Germany.

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