Documenting the Wichita Language on Digital Video & Audio

June 2003 Field Trip

This field trip started rather hectic, as we (being Armik and David) drove half the way to Anadarko from Boulder before realizing that they had left about half of their important recording equipment (microphones, extension cords, XLR cables, and more ...) back in their office at the University!!! We arrived in Anadarko one day later than expected, since we had drive back to Boulder to get our box of equipment! As this was going to be our one of our longer trips to Anadarko, we were off to a bad start!

Fortunately, everything else went OK and were able to get ourselves ready for the Wichita group session video recording that had been scheduled for the evening of 09 of June. We recroded for about 1.5 hours.

The following day we watched the 09 of June video and picked out the Wichita segment time codes. In the afternoon we worked with Doris on annotating the Wichita segments from the video from the previous night. We also worked with Doris on annotating the the Gladys Miller tape. In the evening we realized that there was high pitch noise on our 09 June video; we analyzed audio segments on Praat and found a sharp (narrow band) 12.5 kHz noise! We had to figure out how to reduce this for our next recording.

On the 11th of June we continued working on the Glayds Miller songs by getting interpretations from other speakers as well. In the afternoon we worked again on transcribing the "Train" text which we had started in March; in the meantime we had discovered that the original recording was in a fast speed recording mode. We had digitally slowed down the replay on Soundforge and so we were able to to play the sound file at a normal speed. We obtained a much more precise transcription of it.

We had a group video recording session on the 12th of June. Many speakers attended this meeting, which ended up being a very good session; the speakers themselves prompted each other to speak in Wichita. We spent the following morning obtaining time codes for the Wichita segments from this tape , and the next few days transcribing the segments with Doris's help.
We had another language meeting on the 14th of June.
On 15th of June David and Armik took a field trip to the Wichita mountains. With our video camera we recorded aout 15 minutes of scenery, which we hope to use as part of the documentation of the language.

On 16th of June we met with one of the Wichita speakers in the afternoon in order to ask him about the teasing language (genre) in Wichita. We had noticed the teasing vocabulary in parts of the videos and in basic interactions among the speakers - both when talking in English and when communicating in Wichita. We wanted to explore the types of kin relations that allow this type of teasing, what sorts of factors forbid the teasing, and generaly what is considered as "teasing"?
On the evening of the 16th of June we had another (our last) group meeting to video record the Wichita speakers.
We spent the remaining time in Anadarko transcribing the segments Wichita from the videos that we had recorded in the past 10 days. We also had a day trip to the University of Oklahoma, at Norman, where we had a look at the archives of Native American recordings. We did find some Wichita songs inthe archives (and some other older songs and texts that we already had).
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