Documenting the Wichita Language on Digital Video & Audio

June 2002 Field Trip

We started our field work with individual sessions with Doris. We had some narratives, and conversations, as part of the Wichita archive material which was never transcribed. Doris was our consultant for this transcription work. In particular, she helped us start the transcription of a 28 minute conversation between two Wichita women (which David had recorded in 1966).

We enlisted the help of Vivian, another one of our consultants, in elicting a few hundred Wichita words (mostly nouns). This was material that David had written down in notes, but we did not have sound recordings of them. We hope to use these individual words as part of our Wichita Dictionary. We are still in the midst of processing this data.

We had our first video recording of the group of Wichita speakers on 25 June 2002. It was well attended, and we ran into many technical (equipment) difficulties, but we were able to record for approximatley 1.5 hours that evening.

In the last few days of our stay we continued working with Vivian on the word list and continued our idividual sessions with Doris. Most importantly, we replayed the video recording from the 25 of June for Doris during individual sessions, and she helped us with the transcription of the segments of the video in which conversation or story-telling (or phrases) were said in Wichita.

On the evening of 26th of June we met with Stuart Owings for a audio recording session. Stuart performed some traditional Wichita songs for us on a Drum (duraion was 1hr 20min).

We left Anadarko, having transcribed only a few minutes of the conversational data, and having learned much about group video recording! But we had a lot of material already to work with.

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