Documenting the Wichita Language on Digital Video & Audio

July 2002 Field Trip

In between our June and July trips, the tribal president and his assistant(s) were able to assemble three of the elderly speakers together for a language session. They recorded for a total of 90 minutes and very generously just handed the tape for us to use for this project. We are grateful to Gary and all the participants for this recording.

We continued working in individual sessions with Doris (working both on the annotation of the conversation from 1966 and on transcribing the video recording sessions). We also continued working with Vivian in finishing the vocabulary list elicitation that we had started in June.

We had one group recording session on video, on 15 JUL 2002. There was much Wichita spoken in the meetin g, and we have had a lot of transcription work to do from this video.
This recording session lasted about 2 hours; it is the longest continous meeting we had with the Wichita speakers as a group.

We organized another group recording session (video) on 17 Jul 2002. We have yet to work with the materi al from this video, but we have a rough transcript of most of it.

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