What's New

Updated: October 13, 2015

Updated Arapaho Language Project Site is now On Line

The Arapaho Language Project on-line grammar and learning website is now up, with audio and video files as well as grammar explanations and exercizes (with answer key). Link here.

New Edition of Arapaho Dictionary Available

The fourth edition of the Arapaho Dictionary is now available, as of 2012. It can be dowloaded as a pdf from the "For Sale" page of this website.

Arapaho Stories, Songs and Prayers is now available, from Univ. of Oklahoma Press, 2014.

This 500-page bilingual anthology of Arapaho texts has been accepted for publication.

Reaching Out to Local Indigenous Communities

CSILW has initiated a pilot project to make contacts with local immigrant communities in the Denver area, in order to research Meso-American indigenous languages. Many immigrants from Mexico and Central America are native speakers of indigenous languages. Their presence in Denver would allow CSILW to engage in relatively low-cost efforts to increase documentation of these languages. At the same time, CSILW will explore the needs and interests of the communities themselves with regards to language education and retention efforts, since many of the immigrants return home eventually to their own communities. This project has now produced a video on Mezquital Otomi, and one student is currently working on a dissertation on Huichol.

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