Dialogue List (* = indicates sound files)

These are dialogues written by native Arapaho speakers, with translations. The sound files were recorded by native Arapaho speakers as well. Click on the dialect you're interested in. You'll get just the dialogue, along with some vocabulary to help you before you get started. After each dialogue you can click on an additional page that gives a translation and linguistic analysis, so you can check how you did in understanding. Beginning users can simply look at the translation and ignore the analysis.

*Asking a parent to use the car. (2 lines)
*Asking a parent for money. (3 lines)
About the Arapaho language in the home. (4 lines - monologue)
A visit to speak Arapaho. (5 lines)
Going hunting. (6 lines - monologue)
More about Arapaho language (8 lines)
Problems with sweethearts. (9 lines)
Doing someone a favor (10 lines)
*A shopping trip (14 lines)
*A visit to borrow a horse (23 lines)

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