About our Design

Welcome to "Arapaho Music." This site was designed by students, Anna Welch, Ethan Crawford, Robin Brontsema, Tucker Moore, and Mike Boehler, from theUniversity of Colorado-Boulder. Early this semester, our web design team came together to plan and create a personal and interactive Arapaho music website for the Northern Arapaho Tribe. "Arapaho Music" serves as one of several web entry points dedicated to the Northern Arapaho. The purpose of "Arapaho Music" is to let the user engage and interact with the Arapaho and their music through personal narratives/interviews, sound, images/pictures, and presentation of traditional and contemporary issues in Arapaho music. The music in the songs, dances, and ceremonies has unique significance to the Arapaho.

CU's Technology, Arts, and Media certificate program funded the web projects for the Arapaho Nation. Taking what our group learned in class, researched, and discovered from interviews, we were able to compile the content needed for the site. Throughout the semester, our class met with Arapaho elders from the Wind River Reservation and tribe members locally in the Denver area to discuss presentation of the site, content, graphics, audio, and video imaging. These visits were funded by the IMPART Diversity Awareness grant from CU.


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