Male and Female Forms in Arapaho

WORD hello yes no okay, well gosh! ouch! oops! watch out!
M héébe hee hiiko wohéí yeh(éíhoo) 'o'hó' wih 'éíyo'
F tous 'oo

kos (obsolete)

'íne 'íí(heihoo) 'o'xú' wúuu 'óuwéí'

Other Similar Types of Arapaho Expressions (used by both men and women):

néí'ei3héhk = 'who in the heck does he think he is!?' or 'yeah, right, like he's going to do something about it!'

noníí = 'oh how cute!'

cih = 'well, will you look at that!' or 'look here!'

toon = 'okay, fine, whatever'

nonóónokó' = 'well, what the heck, we might as well'