Arapaho - Inanimate Nouns - Possession


To say my book or your shirt, you must add prefixes to the noun. Examples (with hyphens added for clarity) are:


no-wo3nohoe my book

he-bixtyour shirt

hi-wohhis shoe

ne-bixtmy shirt

ho-wo3nohoe your book

hi-bixther shirt


The general rule is:


my ne- or no-

your he- or ho-

his/her hi-


You use ne- and he- when the first vowel of the noun is e or i. You use no- and ho- when the first vowel of the noun is o or u. Note that hi- never changes.


Possession and plurals:


You can make the nouns plural in the normal way:


no-wo3noh-nomy books

he-bixt-ono your shirts

hi-woh-no his shoes


Exercize: Translate the following sentences into Arapaho:


1. Your bag

2. Her book

3. My papers

4. His chairs

5. His table

6. My shoes

7. Your pants

8. Her shoes

9. My chair

10. Your paper