Arapaho - Inanimate Verbs - Singular and Plural


These verbs describe non-living things and their actions. Examples are:

heesítee= it is hot (weather)
tóóyo3óó’= it is cold (weather)
nii’cóó’ = it tastes good [a variant is nii'cooti']
heniisétee' = it is ripe
wooxúse= it is rotten
wooxcóó'= it tastes bad

heeseise' = it is windy
beneeci' = it is snowing
honoosoo' = it is raining [a variant is honoosooti']

These verbs can be made plural as follows:

nii’cóú’u           they taste good [a variant is nii-ni'cooti'i]
heniisetéí’i         they are ripe
wooxuséí’i        they are rotten

 The general rule for making these verbs plural is:

-oo’ >>  -ou’u
-o’ >>  -ou’u
-ee’ >>  -ei’i
-e’ >>  -ei’i
-i’ >>  -i’i 

 Exercize: Translate the following verbs into English. Then make the Arapaho verb plural.

1. heesítee
2. tóóyo3óó
3. wooxcóó